Sports Massage in Glasgow

If you are considering having a Sports Massage treatment and live in Glasgow then find out more about our easily reached clinic. Our experienced sports massage therapists should be able to help.

Sports Massage for You

Sports Massage can play a role in the training and competitive regime of sportspeople, young or old, amateur or professional. It can play a role in supporting how you perform, by helping get your body into its best possible state, by supporting your training regime, or by reducing the chance of injuries. Some athletes have a number of massage treatments each week, or even several each day. For others a treatment once a month can have a significant benefit.

Sports Massage for Injury Prevention

The role of sports massage in the prevention of injury is related to its ability to maintain the length of muscles and the range of motion of joints. This helps ensure that minor niggles (such as tight muscles, spots where tension is building up, etc.) do not progress into something more serious. The sports massage therapist can also identify areas where perhaps inadequate stretches (either duration of stretches or specific stretches used) are leading toward problems, and ways to address these problems. By minimising injuries this allows training to proceed uninterrupted, helping to maximise performance.

Sports Massage for Injury Treatment

One of the main uses of sports massage is in the treatment of a wide range of sports injuries. Whether it is tennis elbow, back pain, tight hamstrings or a range of other ailments, sports massage can play a role in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the injury.
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