Sports massage is more than just the therapist applying different forms of touch and physical stimulation, they should also bring their overall knowledge and awareness of different techniques to improve overall sports performance, from training to treating injuries. Some of the main techniques are:

Diagnosis and Identification

The sports massage therapist can identify problem areas and also work with existing diagnoses.more

Massage techniques

Although in many ways massage is a simple hands on technique, there have been developments over many years to get the most out of working hands on, from applying classic massage technique such as percussion and friction to the right muscles at the right time, to techniques such as trigger points and neuro muscular release. more

Rehabilitation procedures

Recovery from injury relies on appropriate rest, exercise and treatment to lead to a safe return to full activity. A sports massage therapist can help you develop an appropriate rehabilitation programme. more

Sports massage and warm up advice

The knowledge that a therapist gains from working on the clients body allows them to guide the sportsperson to a better warm up, reducing risk of injury and enhancing perfomance.more

Sports massage and stretching

Stretching can help the sportsperson and massage therapist achieve their goals, from increased range of motion to improved endurance. The therapist can identify key stretches for use during training and events, or through the day.more

Integration with sports

Sports massage therapists should recognise the different requirements of different sports and where to focus their attention.more

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