When is sports massage not recommended?
Suspected fracture. Injury accompanied by severe pain. Deep vein thrombosis. Open wound. If the client has an infection then they may not be suitable for treatment.

This list is not exhaustive and where appropriate your therapist may elect not to treat a client. In this case there would be no charge. if you are doubtful if your condition is suitable please contact us.

How many sessions would it take to resolve an injury or problem?

Unfortunately it is not possible to answer this question. The number of sessions depends on the clients, the injury, activity between sessions and more. In general the more frequently massage is performed the shorter the overall duration will be however cost and availability may affect this. Although massage helps with the recovery process in some situations rest is critical. Weekly session are often recommended however specific advice would be given at the first treatment.

Is it recommended to have sports massage whilst seeing another therapist (e.g. physio / chiropractor)?

This is often a beneficial choice as sports massage normally complements any work the physio / chiropractor is doing as in most circumstance they do not have the time to fully work on the musculature during their treatment. We would generally prefer all parties treating an individual to be aware of any other therapies/therapists however as a client you can determine your own overall treatment plan.

If you have any other questions please contact us

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