Sports massage should require first and foremost a well trained and talented massage therapist. To be a good massage therapist requires training, knowledge of anatomy, a “feel” and natural ability to work with the clients musculature and soft tissues. These skills combined with experience make a “good” massage therapist. The sports specialism is the knowledge of how to apply these skills in the context of a sportsperson’s chosen sports, their schedule of events, training plan and any required rehabilitation. There are many sports massage therapists who may have some additional training on the “sports” part of sports massage but do not have a natural aptitude/adequate training/ or enough interest in the massage part. In most cases a good massage therapist with no sports specific training would be a better choice for a sportsperson than a bad sports massage therapist.

Even in Glasgow there are colleges turning out people with a sports massage qualification who have limited knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology (the structure of the body and how it works). If you do not know of any good sports massage therapists but have a highly respected and recommended Swedish/remedial/deep tissue massage therapist then consider seeing if they are able to address your needs.

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