Sports massage has a role to play in many aspects of a sportsperson’s performance, be they professional or amateur, young or old, team player or individual. Applications include:

Injury prevention

  • Prevent muscular and tendinous injuries
  • Maintain length of muscles to reduce risk of shortening, which can lead to injuries.
  • Support Training

  • Reduce the strain and discomfort of training
  • Aid consistency in training
  • Restore normal muscle function reduced by muscle spasm
  • Speed recovery time in training
  • (Note : not a replacement for good warm up & stretching / warm down & stretching!)

    Recovery from Injuries

  • Healing of acute injuries properly
  • Healing of chronic (long term) injuries
  • Restore lost mobility
  • Improve Performance

  • Support consistent training
  • Minimise downtime through injury
  • Potential to increase career duration
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