Post event massage can help speed recovery, allow quicker resumption of training and ensure that any niggles are identified and dealt with quickly. Post-event massage can take place within 24 hours of the event or even up to 3 or 4 days later. The objectives remain broadly the same.

The therapist will attempt to:

  • loosen any adhesions
  • increase blood flow to the area
  • aid the relaxation of any overly tight muscles
  • reduce pain
  • If a therapist is available within 30 minutes of the end of the event then they will normally focus on reducing lactic acid build up and normalising blood flow. They would not normally attempt to treat any knocks or injuries sustained during the sport at this time and normally 48 hours would be allowed to lapse before focusing on the injured area.

    A post event massage treatment the day after or later will be able to focus on the areas described, possibly with increased pressure on tight areas, and should help the athlete back to normal training as soon as possible.  As always, proper warm down and stretching cannot be replaced by massage and your massage therapist should be able to give guidance on specific stretches that address problem areas.

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